Shaping the Next 15 Years of Supporting Veterans & Military Family Small Business

Thank you all for joining  us at the 2022 unGala! We had a fantastic time! Mark your calendars for next years event!  

Find out how you can get involved today! 

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Impacting communities: Building Veteran Businesses

VetBiz is dedicated to helping veterans and thier families achieve the American dream of owning and successfully operating small businesses. We achieve our economic development mission by providing one-on-one counseling, business consultation, loan packaging review, and business related seminars free of charge.

Fundraising Goal

Veterans Need Our Help

With a struggling economy and ongoing pandemic twists and turns, our veterans have sacrificed and need YOUR help. VetBiz provides no-cost training and support to all veterans who want to transition from military personnel, spouse or family, to thriving entrepreneur and small business owner. Without financial donations and support from organizations like yours, VetBiz would not be able to provide the amazing support it provides today.

Help us  reach our goal of $150,000 and increase our impact on the community.

Funds Raised: $ 30,875
Goal: $150,000 20.6%

Our Impact

Client Accounts
Counseling Sessions
Training Attendees
Events Held

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Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays, due to the high demand for our services, VetBiz is currently at capacity for 'New Client Consultation'. 

Prospective 'New Clients' are welcome to submit applications now and can schedule a formal consultation after January 9, 2023.


In the meantime please check out: Resources or Frequently Asked Questions 

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