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Our Story

Vetbiz is dedicated to helping men and women, who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces achieve the American dream of owning and successfully operating their own businesses. We serve all veterans and Active Duty personnel, including National Guard men and women and Reservists of all branches and immediate family members and caregivers. Our advice and counsel is candid and thoughtful with the empowerment of the individual Veteran as our only consideration.

We use an integrated approach to business planning to improve chances for success with small businesses.

Who Do We Help?

  • Active Duty Personnel transitioning to civilian life 
  • Reserve and National Guard members, both pre- and post-deployment
  • Honorably discharged veterans with existing businesses and veterans preparing for self-employment
  • Military spouses and families or veteran caregivers
  • We focus on IA, KS, MO, NE

Our Goals

  • Our goals are to honor the men and women who have served our country and to assist them in their entrepreneurial endeavors.
  • As members of the Veterans Business Community, we are confident that the success of this program will directly benefit regional investment and job growth.

Our History

VetBiz, previously the Veterans Business Resource Center, opened its doors on June 7th, 2004, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony conducted by US Senator Jim Talent (R) MO. While a Representative, Talent authored Public Law 106-50, the Veterans Entrepreneurship and Business Development Act of 1999.

VetBiz was the first organization in St. Louis to offer entrepreneurship and small business consulting services specifically and exclusively to Veterans. We have established a reputation for understanding how to work with Veterans as they start and grow businesses. We provide our clients with honest, transparent, and straightforward advice for their businesses. Our individualized approach guarantees our clients get to the right resource at the right time 

Today VetBiz consists of a dedicated Board of Directors that continues to see the mission continued and exceptional staff and counselors that help Veterans achieve their business dreams.

Vetbiz is a Project of the Veterans Advocacy Foundation, Inc., an IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization

Approximately 80% of all businesses fail within the first year. We are proud of the fact that over the last two years, 63% of VBRC clients are still in business!

Are you ready for the next steps?

Do you have a business idea?  Are you ready to grow your already established Veteran business?

The first step is to Request Counseling so that we can assist you. We will take it from there. Our counselors are skilled at getting you from point A to B. Your unit has not left you!