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About Us

Vetbiz is dedicated to helping U.S. veterans and military families achieve their dream of owning a business by transitioning military skills to business success through training, counseling, and mentorship. VetBiz, building veteran businesses.

Since 2004 we have been impacting communities and building veteran businesses.

We stand prepared to give you direct, honest and transparent advice

Our Services

Evaluation & Counseling

The client’s entrepreneurial abilities are further assessed using validated evaluation programs. 

Business Consulting

We work to help the client understand marketing plan creation, financial management, and other business-related concepts

Skills Development

A robust process that requires exploration of new behaviors and learning. 

Operations & Implementation

Clients are assisted with securing business loans or other capital, preparing for operations and opening up the small business. 

Online Training!


Successfully established businesses help move the client through a formal process of annotating their strengths and opportunities for improvement.

People We Serve!

Our Clients
  • Honorably discharged veterans who are self-employment ready.
  • Veterans with existing businesses and veterans preparing for self-employment.
  • Military spouses and families or veteran caregivers.
  • Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Reserves
  • Active Duty Personnel transitioning to civilian life
  • Reserve and National Guard members, both pre- and post-deployment

Real World Results

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I am very grateful to this program. I have recently merged with another company, quit my full-time job to focus on my company and seen a 15% growth since I began working with them in April 2018.

Client Success Stories

VBRC helped us build a real business plan and provided us with mentorship as we built our team and hired new employees.
- Frank Totten, owner of F2 Garage Solution

The center has been a tremendous source of support for me and my young business career. I can fully count on my consultant for any support I may need. Vetbiz has been with me every step of the way.

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We know small business owners work on tight margins for years as they grow their business. Our services have always been free to veterans, transitioning military and military family members. Our consultants and mentors are leaders in their industries and bring numerous years to bear for our clients keeping our cost down. 83 cents of every dollar donated goes directly toward client impact

Our Team

The team at Vetbiz is proud to have on staff military Veterans and former small business owners who are prepared to help clients navigate the entrepreneurship trail.