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Make A Difference

Your contribution will have a direct and measurable impact on veteran small business owners. Donations to VetBiz are tax deductible.

The Impact of Your Donation

We use these funds to support outreach initiatives and programs such as Bootstrap, Boots 2 Business, the National Guard/Reserve Bootstrap Pilot program, and VetBiz Activate.

Monthly Donation of $10 or annually $120
Your support is greatly appreciated. This will help us cover the cost of refreshments at one of our Entrepreneurship training. Most of our participants attend our classes directly after work, so snacks are greatly appreciated.
Monthly Donation of $42 or annually $500
Your donation will help us cover the cost of one-on-one consulting for 5 veteran entrepreneurs. We can offer our services for free due in part to the continued support from our community.
Monthly Donation of $84 or annually $1,000
Your donation helps to cover the cost of our 6-week entrepreneurship training Course, VetBiz Activate. During this course participants learn to transform their ideation stage business into sustainable investments.
Your dollars, every dime, goes to help our brothers and sisters in the service transition into small business. All donations are greatly appreciated.

Why Should You Donate

There are few programs as comprehensive or focused on helping Vets establish and expand businesses as VetBiz. We educate and assist Veterans of all ages and abilities in starting and running their businesses at no charge. 

The first such center in the nation, the VetBiz is a resource center that counsels Veterans individually on their path to self-employment. The center has helped more than 200 entrepreneurs start and maintain their businesses for two years or longer—a high degree of success.

No other agency or group assists so many military businessmen and businesswomen who have given so much to their nation and asked for so little in return. Please help us repay their service and their sacrifice by donating to VetBiz.

The VetBiz is proud that only 12% of all dollars go towards administrative costs.

Volunteer with Us

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  • Take the next steps?

    Do you have a business idea?  Are you ready to grow your already established Veteran business?

    The first step is to Request Counseling so that we can assist you. We will take it from there. Our counselors are skilled at getting you from point A to B. Your unit has not left you!